guru nanak gurpurab Nanak Jayanti 2022: Guruparb Wishes, Messages, Statements,Facebook and Whatsapp status

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Master Nanak Dev ji is prevalently known as the organizer behind Sikhism. Thus, recalling that him on his introduction to the world’s commemoration of Master Nanak Jayanti, which is otherwise called Gurpurab or Guruparb or Master Nanak ji’s Prakash Utsav, is praised by adherents of the Sikh religion across the world. It is perhaps the main celebration that is praised with incredible commitment by supporters of Sikhism. Master Nanak isn’t simply known to be the principal Sikh Master; he is additionally well known for his otherworldly, political, and social perspectives. His lessons are for the most part on the topics of adoration, benevolence, uniformity, and mankind, among others—subjects that are applicable and very rousing even today. One can find Master Nanak Dev ji’s wise words and significant lessons in the Master Granth Sahib, a hallowed Sikh sacred text.

Master Nanak Jayanti is seen on Kartik Poornima. It falls on the fifteenth lunar day in Kartik month, according to the Hindu schedule. Consequently, this year Master Nanak Jayanti will be praised on November 8, 2022 (Tuesday). In honor and festivity of the organizer behind Sikhism Master Nanak Dev ji’s 553rd birth commemoration, here we share some Guruparb wishes, messages, quotes, pictures, Facebook and Whatsapp status. They suitably portray the happy soul and you can likewise send them to your loved ones to wish them on this promising day.

         Guruparb Wishes, Messages, Facebook and Whatsapp status
1. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh. Wishing you an extremely blissful Master Nanak Jayanti!2. Wish you an exceptionally cheerful Gurupurab, from our family to yours.

3. On this exceptional day, let us recollect Master Nanak ji’s lessons and attempt to follow them in our lives. Blissful Gurupurab 2022!

4. May Master Nanak Dev Ji’s insight guide and spur us to turn out to be better people. Cheerful Gurupurab 2022!

5. This Gurpurab, I trust the best of Master Nanak Dev Ji’s favors be showered upon you and your adored one. Cheerful Gurupurab 2022!

6. May Master Nanak Dev ji be the directing star in our lives and guide us to light. Cheerful Master Nanak Jayanti!

7. I trust that you and your cherished one are showered with His heavenly favors of this promising day of Master Nanak Dev Ji’s introduction to the world commemoration! Blissful Master Nanak Jayanti 2022!

8. Master Nanak Jayanti is a yearly suggestion to keep Master Nanak Dev ji’s lessons in our souls and be on the way of enlightment. Blissful Gurupurab!

9. May Master Nanak Dev Ji’s heavenly lessons stay with us as well as illuminate us to turn out to be better individuals. Cheerful Gurpurab 2022!

10. Wish you and your family an extremely blissful Master Nanak Jayanti 2022!

11. May this promising day of Gurpurab give incredible pleasure and accomplishment into life. Blissful Gurupurab to you and your loved ones.

12. May Master Nanak Dev ji’s favoring stay with you, today and until the end of time. Have a cheerful Master Nanak Jayanti 2022!

Significant statements by Master Nanak on adoration and life
1. “He who has no confidence in himself can never have confidence in God.” – Master Nanak

2. “Talk just that which will bring you honor.” – Master Nanak

3. “He who views all men as equivalents is strict.” – Master Nanak

4. “The world is a show, organized in a fantasy.” – Master Nanak

5. “Give no man access the world live in daydream.” “Without a Master, none can move over to the next shore.” – Master Nanak

6. “What should the yogi need to fear?” “Trees, plants, and all that is inside and outside are Him.” – Master Nanak

7. “The individuals who have adored are the people who have tracked down God.” – Master Nanak

8. “In this worldat the point when you request satisfaction
Torment ventures forward”― Master Nanak

9. “Conquer your thoughts, and the world will be yours.” Guru Nanak.

10. Even kings and emperors with enormous wealth and swaths of control cannot compare with an ant that is overflowing with God’s love. Guru Nanak.

11. “Be compassionate to all creatures; this is more virtuous than taking a bath at one of the sixty-eight pilgrimage places or giving money.” Guru Nanak.

12. “If one understood how to genuinely die, O mankind, death would not be termed evil.” Guru Nanak.

13. “Try not to wish evil for other people. Try not to criticize others. Try not to discourage anybody’s exercises.” – Master Nanak

14. “With your hands cut out your own fate.” – Master Nanak

15. “Your Lord abides inside you; why seek him outside?” “As fragrance abides in the flower, so does reflection abide in the mirror.” Guru Nanak.

16.Write what has no beginning or end by burning worldly love, making ink from the ashes by rubbing them together.Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Guru Nanak

17. “Abide in harmony in the home of your own being, and the Courier of Death can not touch you.”
― Master Nanak

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