Sarath babu condemned my smoking: Rajini Urukkam

Sarath babu condemned my smoking: Rajini Urukkam

Sarath babu condemned my smoking: Rajini Urukkam
Sarath babu condemned my smoking: Rajini Urukkam

Chennai: Actor Rajinikanth said after paying tribute to Sarathbabu that he condemned me for smoking.

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Actor Sarathbabu, who acted in more than 200 films, passed away in Hyderabad yesterday due to ill health. His body was brought to Chennai and kept at his residence in D. Nagar for tributes. Many people from the film industry are also paying their respects. YG Mahendran, Suhasini, Sarathkumar, Radhika, Suresh Krishna and many other celebrities paid their respects. Actor Rajinikanth, who starred in many films with Sarathbabu, starting with Mullum Malarum and ending with Trelakkaran, Annamalai and Muthu, paid his respects in person.

Sarath babu condemned my smoking: Rajini Urukkam

Later speaking to the media, Rajini said, “He loves me beyond measure. He will feel sorry for smoking. Stop smoking, take care of your body and you will live a long time. Even if I lit a cigarette, he would snuff it out and throw it away. I will not smoke in front of him. The challenge dialogue in the movie Annamalai didn’t come out right. It took 10-15 days. Then he asked me to bring a cigarette to the shoot and gave it to me. Only then did the tag become OK. I am telling this here for his love. It is sad that the person who told me to take care of me is now gone. A very good man. May his soul rest in peace” he said.

In the condolence message released by Rajini earlier, “Today (yesterday May 23) I have lost my close friend and wonderful man Sarathbabu. It is an irreparable loss. May his soul rest in peace.”


Who is Saarath Babu?

Saarath Babu is a common name in India, and there are many individuals with this name. Without specific context or additional information, it is challenging to provide precise details about the specific Saarath Babu. Can you please provide more context or specify which Saarath Babu you are referring to?

Is Saarath Babu an actor?

Yes, there is an Indian actor named Saarath Babu. He is primarily known for his work in the South Indian film industry, particularly in Tamil and Telugu cinema. Saarath Babu has acted in many films and has been a part of the industry for many decades.

What are some popular movies of Saarath Babu?

Saarath Babu has worked in a variety of films throughout his career. Some of his popular films include “Shankarabharanam,” “Idhayam,” “Pasivadi Pranam,” “Annamayya,” “Nuvvu Naku Nachav,” “Arya,” “Pokiri,” and “Magadheera.” Please note that these are only a few examples, and he has appeared in many more films.

Has Sarath Babu won any awards for his acting?

Yes, Sarath Babu has been recognized for his performances and has won many awards in his career. Some of the notable accolades he has received include Nandi Award for Best Actor, Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Actor and Filmfare Award South.

Apart from acting, Sarath Babu has been involved in any other field?

Sarath Babu has been actively involved in various fields apart from acting. He is known for his social work and has been associated with philanthropic initiatives. Sarath Babu has also entered into business and is the founder of a popular chain of restaurants named “Hotel Saravana Bhavan”.

Is Sarath Babu still active in the entertainment industry?

As per my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Sarath Babu was still active in the entertainment industry. Please note, however, that information regarding an individual’s current activities or career status may change over time, so it is recommended to check more recent sources for the latest updates on Sarath Babu’s professional endeavors.

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