hurricane florence

1. Storm Florence was a strong and hazardous Atlantic typhoon that caused devastating harm in the Carolinas in September 2018.

2. The 6th named storm, 4th typhoon, and 2nd serious typhoon of the 2018 Atlantic storm season, Florence, began from areas of strength for a wave that arose off the west coast of Africa on August 31.

3. After at first traveling toward the west, the framework transformed northwestward and quickly fortified into a typhoon on September 1 while crossing the Atlantic.

4. Florence arrived at tropical storm strength on September 3, and quickly increased further to achieve top breezes of 140 mph (225 km/h) on September 4.

6. It in this way debilitated and transformed toward the west into South Carolina, where it turned into a tropical wretchedness on September 9.

7. Florence then turned northwestward and became extratropical on September 10 preceding disseminating on September 12.

8. Florence carried disastrous flooding to the Carolinas, as well as huge harm to framework and homes.

9. No fewer than 45 individuals were killed in the US because of the storm and its result.

10. Furthermore, harm in the Carolinas is assessed to have added up to no less than $17 billion (2018 USD).