Finland Introduces Grants to Assist Households With High Electric Bills

The Finnish government has reported another plan to help families battling to take care of their high electric bills.

Under the plan, families will actually want to apply for an award of up to €500 to assist with taking care of the expense of their power bills.

The plan is available to all families in Finland, regardless of their ability to pay.

Applications for the award will open in January 2021 and will be handled on a first-come, first-served premise.

The Finnish government has said that the plan is intended to help families who are battling to take care of their power bills, and that a drawn-out answer to the issue of high energy prices isn't expected.

The declaration of the plan comes as Finland gets ready to present another carbon charge in January 2021, as most would consider to be normal to push up the cost of power.

The Finnish government has stated that it is focused on assisting families who are struggling to pay their energy bills, and that the new award is only one of several measures being implemented to address the issue.

Other measures include subsidizing energy productivity upgrades for families and providing advice and assistance to individuals who want to reduce their energy consumption.