US Capitol.

The shooter was hit by policing taken to the medical clinic, authorities said. The Public Gatekeeper had been sent to the area. The State house complex was put on lockdown.

The lockdown was lifted around p. It was an incredibly, frightening circumstance. The Legislative center was secured after the shots were discharged.

A few group were in the Senate chamber at that point and were accompanied out by security. One individuals inside the chamber was Sen.

Lisa Murkowski, R-The Frozen North. Legislative hall a little while ago. Individuals were shouting that there was a shooter and to get down.

I was on the floor of the Senate at that point. Legislative hall Police made a sensational showing of clearing us rapidly and smoothly.

The lockdown was lifted after about 60 minutes. We are fine and safe. The lockdown was lifted about an hour after the shots were discharged.

No less than one individual has been shot and injured close to the Legislative center, U. State house Police said. It was not quickly evident whether the shooting included policing a regular citizen.

The Legislative center was put on lockdown and the Public Watchman was sent to the area. Legislative hall Police said in an explanation