INDONESIA Indonesia offers great options to travellers to make their trip an amazing one, with beautiful beaches and gorgeous islands. Plus, you won't burn a hole in your pocket for a trip to Indonesia!

GEORGIA This destination is a tourist's paradise, and will surprise you in many ways. It's perfect for those who are seeking a quick and affordable international trip.

ROMANIA From spectacular monasteries to spectacular landscapes, this destination will amaze you with its beauty the moment you step there.

BULGARIA It's one of the most affordable European countries that you can visit this year from India. Food and accommodation options are unbelievably affordable here..

MYANMAR This unexplored natural gem will surprisingly offer innumerable experiences that you won't find anywhere else. Visit this place for maximum fun.

THAILAND It's undoubtedly one of the best places in Asia that you can visit without much hassle. You will easily get food and accommodation that will fit your budget.

CAMBODIA Sitting at the centre of Southeast Asia, it's one of the easiest and cheapest options for an international trip from India.