Why is sapiosexuality such a contentious issue?

With regards to sexuality, there are many names out there. 

 Certain individuals recognize themselves as heterosexual, gay, sexually open, or even abiogenetic.

 Following that, there are those who identify as sapiosexual.

However, what precisely is sapiosexuality? Also, for what reason is it so disputable?

Sapiosexuality is the appreciation of insight. It's not just about being drawn to somebody who is savvy; additionally, it's about being drawn to somebody who is well-spoken, keen, and learned.

For certain individuals, knowledge is a significant turn on. They love being around individuals who can animate their brains and who can challenge them mentally.

Nonetheless, not every person considers insight to be a positive quality. 

Certain individuals view it as a mood killer, as a matter of fact. They view insight as scary or even disconcerting.

Therefore, sapiosexuality is disputable. It's about turning you on, yet in addition, it's about how you view knowledge.

All in all, what is your take? Could it be said that you are drawn to knowledge? Or then again, does it switch you off?